CLIMBING STEPS                                                                                                        

These steps  will enable the user to climb his tower mast and work on the antennas. Made of 1 1/2 inch angle iron
13 inches long and hot dipped galvanized, these steps fasten with two 2 inch u bolts per step.  The user buys as many as necessary.

BM-2 Boom/mast mounting plate
Two sizes of boom/mast plates are in stock, 4x5 and 6x10 inch aluminum, 1/4 thick and come with plated u-bolts. The 4x5 accomodates 1 1/2 and 2 inch o.d. mast pipes, while the 6x10 holds 2 by 2 inch mast pipes. Special sizes are available on request with hot dipped galvanized steel plates for large antennas another option.

BM-2S ROTATING ANTENNA MOUNT                           
Using this antenna mount, assembly and maintence of a large beam antenna on the top of the tower becomes a reality. Removal of two pinning bolts allows 360 degrees rotation for access to the entire antenna from the tower. The mount is constructed of quality aluminum plate and 2 inch o.d. d.o.m. tubing with all installation hardware supplied.

This hot dipped galvanized mount will bolt to a mast pipe up to 2 inch diameter or a tower leg and provides a method to end mount vhf or uhf yagi antennas for repeater or links. Antennas up to 1 1/4 o.d. will fit this mount. Specify either 1 1/2 or 2 inch u bolts for mounting.
Rotatable antenna sidemount for all popular towers. Mounts on one of the legs with six 1 1/2 u bolts. Antenna rotation is 300 degrees and the rotor shelf accepts higain and yeasu rotators as standard. The arm spaces the mast pipes 26 inches apart and a longer outside mast can hold 2 small antennas stacked over each other. A bearing can be installed on the top bracket. All parts are hot dipped galvanized and necessary hardware is supplied. The customer supplies the rotor pipe and the antenna pipe due to different antenna configurations that are possible. Ships in one box at 43 pounds.

RM-2 POLE /BUILDING MOUNT              
The mount consists of two hot dipped galvanized brackets same construction as used on the rm-16 mount and will mount either Higain or Yeasu rotators and bolt to the side of a telephone pole, brick chimmy or building wall where those impossible beam antenna installations are now made possible. A standard 2 inch o.d. mast is used with the rotor and brackets and is also available from IIX equipment. The rm-2 mount consists of a rotor shelf bracket and a bearing sleeve bracket with the customer suppling the mounting hardware.

ADJUSTABLE MAST MOUNTS                   
The SM-5, SM-15 and the SM-20 mounts will secure masts and antennas to a vertical surface with the proper fastners. Brick or wood buildings, concrete walls or telephone poles are often applications.   They are available in 5, 15 and 20 inch lengths.  Made of heavy 1/4 x 2 inch strap galvanized steel, these brackets will clamp to mast pipes from 1 inch o.d. to 3 1/2 o.d. Standoffs are supplied in pairs to the customer.



I acquired a limited quantity of these fully hot dipped galvanized mast to mast or antenna mast adapters in new/ old stock condition. The large adapters will hold masts from 1 1/2" to 4" in diameter. They are priced at 40.00apeice plus shipping, there are 8 available. The smaller mounts will clamp masts from 1 1/4 to 3 in o.d. They are priced at 25.00 apiece plus shipping. There is a undetermined number of them available.



A redesigned mast adapter that will slip over the top of your 2 inch mast pipe and clamp down on a smaller mast from 1  to 1 1/2 inch o.d. Everything is heavy duty welded steel hot dipped galvanized to last a lifetime. The new design will allow many different configurations above your main mast pipe. Price is 49.50 plus ups shipping.


This adapter will connect two pipes of different diameters utilizing 2 and 1 1/2 inch u-bolts through a steel plate. Ideal for vhf and uhf vertical antennas above the main tower mast. The 2 steel plates can be spaced apart as needed for strength and the plates are hot dipped galvanized.


This adapter will couple mast pipes together of 2 inch o.d. to lengthen a tower mast for vhf antennas above the hf antenna or an attachment point for a brace to the hf antenna. Installing large hf antennas above this coupler is not recommended. The coupler uses 1/2 inch press bolts to hold the masts together and the coupler is hot dipped galvanized.

This adapter will mount IIX standoff brackets to the stamped, open leg tower types ( HDBX, ect ) The SO-1 standoff requires one BX-1, the SO-2 requires two BX-1 adapters. .



    This hot dipped galvanized coax standoff will hold muiltiple coax runs 10 inches of the side of the tower face.  The 2 ubolts will fit tower leg diameters of 1 1/4-1 1/2 inches. .


                              BA-2 TOWER THRUST BEARING ADAPTER with TB-3 BEARING MOUNTED

      The BA-2 thrust bearing adapter will allow the installation of a mast thrust bearing on the Rohn 25g and 45g top tower sections. It is comes drilled for the TB-3 thrust bearing and the Yeasu GS-065 thrust bearing and other styles can also be used. The adapter fits over the tower top section and the set bolts are snugged up to center it with the mast. The adapter is welded steel hot dipped galvanized.



      BA2 TOWER THRUST BEARING ADAPTER with YEASU GS 065 thrust bearing




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