System 100 compact mounts and accessories will interest government, commercial and recreational users. Radios, light bar and siren controls, scanners and stereos are just some of the communication equipment that these mounts will hold. Automotive, marine and aircraft all become applications for these mounts. Models 1007s and 10010s will mount two pieces of equipment with cross bars available in 7 and 10 inch widths.  Mounts are finished in black with mounting hardware included. Extra parts and accessories are listed separately.
BASE: 4 x 5 inch rectangle, 3/16" thick steel construction, 4 bolt holes on 3 1/2 " centers accepts 3/8" hardware. Swivels in 1 direction.

MAST: 1 inch square shaft welded and machined with long adjustment slot for radio mount crossbar. Available in 15, 20 and 25 inch lengths. "S" option allows quick mount removal from vehicle with wrench provided.
CROSSBAR: 1 inch square steel bar, 7 or 10 inch long, has equipment mounting holes drilled and tapped 10/32 along the length of the bar to fasten O.E.M. brackets as alignment allows. Crossbar mounts to mast with 3/8 hardware and has a dual microphone holder as standard equipment. Additional crossbars can be attached as more equipment is added. The only limiting factor is the necessary room for more equipment as the mount is plenty strong to hold anything installed on it. For large installations where the 25" mast is used, a floor brace is available to stabilize the stack against shaking from the vehicles motion.


To mount a single small radio on the floor, this mount will do it fine, The mount is 9 inches high and has a mounting plate 6 1/2" wide to accept all the popular radios .

CAUTION; When installing any of these mounts in a vehicle, use a hammer and a phillips screwdriver to make the holes through the floor, because drilling destroys the carpets by winding the threads onto the drill bit. Use attachment hardware provided to insure a secure installation. We understand its a bit more work to get under the vehicle and bolt it up the right way, but its worth it in the long run. 

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 Author: Doug Johnson
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